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Bible Gateway
A site where you can access a host on online Bible translations.

Bible study tools - commentaries
A number of well known Bible commentaries.

Bible study tools - lexicons
Greek and Hebrew lexicons

Bible study tools - general
Home page of the Bible study tools site for you to explore.

Vines expository dictionary of New Testament words
A dictionary of New Testament words at

Historical writings BC -
Edersheim and Josephus

Historical writings AD -
Includes Edersheim's 'Life and times of Jesus the Messiah' and Foxes 'Book of martyrs'. Foxes book of Martyr's includes an account of William Hunter; martyred in Brentwood.

Commentaries -
A very large number of online Bible commentaries

Bible dictionaries -
A collection of dictionaries.

Early Christian writings
A wealth of early Christian writings.

Early Jewish writings
A wealth of early Jewish writings.

Come & see - studies by Arnold Fruchtenbaum
Arnold Fruchtenbaum is a Messianic Jew and his perspective gives some great insights to the Bible.

Got a question about to ask - try GotQuestions!

Not Wikipedia, but theopedia. For those theological questions.

What the Bible teaches - R.A.Torrey
Online pdf version of this well known book